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TYPE: Non-Impact
Manufacturer: Soft-Lite
Style(s): Double-hung, Picture/Fixed, Awning, Casement, Horizontal Slider, Specialty/Shape
  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Slider
  • Awning
  • Hopper
  • Bay/Bow
  • Garden
  • Specialty
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For the last replacement windows your home will ever need, turn to Soft-Lite. No other window manufacturer can match our variety of choices in style, color, or value. We make the highest-performing replacement windows in the industry, and no one else is even close.

Features & Benefits

  • Fusion welded, uPVC frame and sashes provide long-lasting strength and durability. This material will never rot like wood windows or corrode like metal windows, and will require little to no maintenance.
  • Balance cover provides a cleaner, more finished appearance.
  • Soft-Vent, when deployed, will limit sash travel while still allowing ventilation.
  • UltraSmart™ triple-fin weather stripping—featuring Ultrafab® Tri-Fin® Gold Series gaskets with built-in Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection—wraps the sash perimeter and minimizes air infiltration.
  • Endura-Force™ balance system ensures smooth, easy and maintenance-free operation on double hungs.
  • Smooth-n-Easy integral lift rail features beautiful, yet comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Stainless steel Intercept® warm-edge spacer system (standard) significantly reduces condensation. Optional metal-free Super Spacer® offers enhanced thermal efficiency and other unique benefits.


No matter what your budget allows, Soft-Lite has replacement windows that are right for you. The styles we offer include:

  • Single hung – windows with two vertically arranged sashes, one fixed and one that slides up and down
  • Double hung – windows with a double set of vertically arranged sashes, both of which slide up and down
  • Casement – windows with a hinged sash that swings out like a door when a lever handle is turned
  • Picture – large, fixed windows designed to provide a clear view of the outside surroundings
  • Slider – horizontal windows that slide back and forth; similar to a double-hung window turned on its side
  • Awning – horizontal windows that are hinged at the top and open outward
  • Hopper – similar to an awning window, except it opens inward
  • Bay/Bow – a custom assembly of several casement, fixed picture, and/or double-hung windows that projects outward from the home, creating a greater sense of space and a larger view of the outdoors
  • Garden – three-dimensional windows with glass panes on the top and all three sides that project outward from the outer wall
  • Geometric – stationary windows that are cut into ovals, octagons, triangles, circles, and many other unusual shapes


UV Fade Protection

Barcelona Windows offer exceptional ultra-violet protection for your drapes and your interior furnishings.

Easy-pull tilt latches

Found on double-hung models, these latches let you tilt in sashes easily to make cleaning a breeze.

High-performance glass

Our Low-E and argon glass system ensures that our impact windows help lower home energy costs and make your home more comfortable