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Purchase Guide

Most people buy replacement windows and/or doors only once in their life. Because they require manufacturing lead time and installation, windows and/or doors can be a complicated purchase that should involve careful review and consultation before a final decision is made.

The two primary ingredients to a successful window purchase are the product itself and the professional installation of that product. Most homeowners simply trust their contractors to install the best window into their home. Sometimes this works – and sometimes it doesn’t. With the expanding use of the internet, homeowners like you are now able to invest “shopping time” into determining what the best window or door is for their needs. In fact, just over the past few years, we have noticed a significant increase at CWS in the technical aspect of inquiries we receive from homeowners just like you.

We welcome every single inquiry. Of course, we hope that your independent search brings you right back to Central Window Sales. We want to help you.


1. Learn the Basics

What and Why to replace windows or doors
Whether you’re looking for beauty, energy efficiency, durability or to increase your home’s overall value, this section will give you the tools you’ll need to feel confident when our window/door consultant/estimator visits your home.
Which windows should you replace?
It all depends on your objectives. To maximize beauty, energy efficiency and maintenance freedom, it’s best to replace them all – especially if they are over 20 years old. If that’s not an option, consider the rooms in which new windows will do the most good – the ones you use most, or are most drafty, should be priorities.
What kind of windows are best to buy?
The most important consideration is energy efficiency. Windows with an air infiltration rating of less than .15 CFM, gas-filled dual or triple pane Low-E glass, and a low U-Factor can give you the best energy savings. CWS’s window selections offer products with excellent ratings that provide better performance than most traditional vinyl high-performance windows.
How do I measure for replacement windows?
First, use a tape measure to measure the width of the window by measuring interior wall opening to the opposite wall opening at the top, middle and bottom. Use the shortest dimension. Second, measure the height of the window from the sill to the top of the opening. Do this measurement three times: Left, center and right. Use the shortest dimension. Measurement should be written as (W x H).
Warranties and Service
Always ask your consultant about the warranties their manufacturers offer. All of our windows and doors come with a limited lifetime warranty which are the best in the industry.

2. Compare Windows

Making the Most of your Investment
When considering replacement windows, many people tend to focus on the cost savings they’ll enjoy through increased energy efficiency in their home. But one benefit many overlook is an almost instant increase in their home’s overall equity. In some cases that increase is more than the cost of replacement!
Most replacement windows are made of vinyl. It’s the material of choice because of its cost, energy efficiency and maintenance freedom. But not all vinyl windows are alike. Look for things like high performance Low- E glass, foam insulation in the sashes and frame, quality hardware and the best air infiltration ratings (lower than .15 CFM).
Windows come in virtually unlimited shapes and sizes. They are available in either stock or custom sizes and configurations, decorative grids, and multiple interior and exterior frame colors. There are many different styles, any of which can be combined to transform the style and feel of any room. The only limit is your imagination.
Think about your objectives when evaluating options. Are you looking for pure beauty, energy efficiency, durability or all of the above? And what about security? Upgrades such as triple paned glass, krypton filling, and enhanced locks and hardware can address these needs.

3. Ready to Buy

Do we carry the product line you’re looking for?
We may not carry all the product lines that are offered, but with 55+ Years of window service and repairs we feel qualified to supply a suggested line of proven products and/or answer any product questions you may have.