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How Long Do Windows Last In A Home?

blog post How Long Do Windows Last In A Home?

Wondering How Long  Windows Last in a Florida home? Check out this article!

As Floridians, we all love the warm sunshine and cool evening breezes that drift through our houses in the fall and spring. It’s the time of year that you can just leave the windows open and enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather. But what happens when those breezes turn into unwanted chilly drafts in the winter, or the sunshine feels like it’s going to light a fire inside your house during the summer? If you are experiencing these problems when your windows are fully closed It might be time to think about replacing them. In short, residential home windows last years on average. 

That's a good amount of time. However, just most things in or on your home, they eventually wear out and need replacing.

Signs your windows are reaching the end of their useful lifespan:

Window Draftiness

Does it feel like you can’t keep your house cool no matter how low you set the AC?  Drafty windows can make your house feel super hot in the warmer months and a little too chilly in the winter months. Drafty windows let all that cool air you paid for escape in the summer and let in all the unwanted cool air in the winter. It’s a game of cat and mouse no one has time or money for. 

Increased Energy Bills

Speaking of money, outdated windows can be like a black hole for your wallet. Older windows aren't very good at keeping the cool air in during the summer, or out during the winter. This means your air conditioner and heater have to work overtime to keep your home comfortable, which translates  into higher energy bills.

Think about it like this: Your air conditioner is like a superhero, keeping your house cool all summer long. But if your windows are letting in hot air from outside, it's like the villain keeps sneaking back in! The superhero has to work double-time to keep things cool, which uses up more energy (i.e. your hard-earned money).

Warped or Damaged Windows

Windows that are cracked, chipped, or warped need to be replaced immediately. Not only do they lessen your home’s curb appeal, but they also let in water and moisture. In Florida, this means it's only a matter of time before the heat and humidity turn that extra moisture into mold and mildew. When damaged windows are neglected costly repairs can add up and even lead to significant structural problems.

Hard To Use Windows

Windows that get jammed when opening or closing usually have damaged frames and are at the end of their effective lifespan. Windows that shut unexpectedly, or slam shut are also another sign your windows need to be replaced. Moreover, this is a safety hazard and especially concerning for families with small kids or pets.

Window Condensation

Have you noticed wetness building up inside your windows? When the seal between the glass panes of double or triple pane windows has broken moisture gets trapped inside and forms this condensation or wetness on your windows. If you have single-pane windows, condensation can be a constant battle during low and high temperatures. Single pane windows are poor insulators and have a hard time keeping heat or cold outside of your home. When you are trying to heat or cool your home during these times, condensation is created as a result of the temperature differences. The excess moisture gets bad, it can drip down to your drywall and create an environment for mold growth. 

Faded Floors and Furniture

Florida UV rays are strong and come through old windows easily, leading to faded furniture and flooring. Imagine your favorite chair – the one you love to curl up and watch your favorite show or take a nap in.  Over time, if it sits near an old window, the color might start to fade. If you have a matching living room or bedroom this could really devalue it’s appeal.  New windows with UV protection are essentially like sunglasses for your furniture, protecting them from harsh UV rays and extending their lifespan.

If you're noticing any of these signs, it is time to consider replacing your windows. If it’s that time for you, don’t worry.

New windows come with a whole bunch of awesome benefits:

Save Money

Energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce your electric bills! They keep the cold air in during the summer and out during the winter. Therefore your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. According to the Department of Energy, replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones can save homeowners an average of $165 to $465 per year on energy bills alone. 

Comfortable Home

New windows are designed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, no more sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter.  Imagine this: It's a hot Florida summer, but your house feels nice and cool because your new windows are keeping the heat out. You can relax on the couch with the kids (or fur kids) without breaking a sweat. Now that's what we call comfort!

Safe & Secure 

Modern windows are designed with safety in mind. Stronger frames, locking mechanisms, and impact-resistant glass, make it harder to break in.Think of it like this: Upgrading your windows is like giving your home a suit of armor to keep your family and belongings safe.

Boost Curb Appeal

New windows can really improve the look of your home, adding value and curb appeal. Gorgeous new windows are a great way to make your house stand out on the block. In fact, studies show that window replacement can return up to 70% of your investment you sell your home! That's a pretty sweet deal and one of the highest ROI home improvement projects you can do.

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