Central Window Sales


Frequently Asked Questions - The Most Common Questions We Receive As Door & Window Contractors In Central Florida

What do you do?

We provide residential  window and door installation, service/repair and estimates.

Do you install or repair automotive glass?

Sorry, we do not install or sell automotive glass.

Will you install windows or doors that I purchased from a home improvement store or 3rd party?


Will there be damage to my house when products are replaced?

With over 55 year’s experience, it would be minimal to none.  If there is minor damage, such as stucco chipping, we will repair it to match existing as close as possible.

Do you remove all replaced products?

Yes, we clean up, remove and dispose (properly) all job related refuse.

What type of products or brands do you carry?

We carry numerous brands of windows and doors with unlimited combination possibilities.  So we are sure we have something to meet your needs.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Master Card, Visa American Express and Discover either in-store, by phone or we can send a QuickBooks invoice to pay electronically.

Do you offer in-house financing?

At this time, we do not offer in-house financing.

However, we do work with Rocket Loans for financing.  Just ask our estimators when getting your quote.

How will replacing my windows and doors help with energy costs?

On average, replacing aluminum or vinyl single pane windows with more energy efficient products, will save you around 20% to 30%.

Various rebates may be provided by your electric provider as well.

Are there any tax credits for energy efficient windows and doors?

Yes.  There are credits available depending on the product.  We would be glad to go over those with you.

What is Low E glass?

Low E stands for “low emissivity”.

Low-E coating on a window pane lets light in, yet reflects heat and keeps harmful UV rays out in the summer and keeps heat inside during the winter.

What is argon gas?

Argon gas is injected between layers of glass to increase the insulation value of the window.

Argon gas is non-toxic, has no smell or color, and is heavier than oxygen.

Will argon leak and cause my windows to fog up?

On rare occasions, an insulated unit will fail and allow the argon gas to escape, however, the majority of our products carry lifetime warranties which covers seal failures.

What is your product warranty?

Most of our products carry a lifetime, or limited lifetime warranty.

Need further help or have additional questions?  Please contact us!